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Weekly Update – Market Comments

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

December 21, 2013

With only six trading days till month end, I will not sell any of my VTI position, even if my trailing mental stop is triggered.  However,  my trailing mental stop gets re-armed on Thursday, January 2.  With the market’s outsize gains during 2013, it is expected that there will be some profit taking selling pressure for about two weeks after January 1. This is for background only, and to understand the why of any retracement.  However, I am pretty convinced the market will then resume its uptrend being fueled by Fed assurances that interest rates will remain low.

VTI:  Closing Price December 20,  $94.33 which is 5.36% above average cost of  $89.53 per share.

VTI:  Mental Stop is $89.80, up from $89.29 and sale at stop price would yield profit of .003 %

VTI:  200 day simple moving average is $85.69, up from $85.35, and sale at that price would result in loss of 4.28% down from a4.7% loss last week.

The VTI trade of December 31, 2011, buy signal,  is now 496 days old and carries an unrealized profit of 52.83%.  VTI should be sold when it negatively penetrates it’s 200 day moving average ….at a month end ( only ).

Other ETF positions and percentage of my index portfolio:  VTI ( 35.5% ), SPY ( 4.5% ), QQQ ( 28%),  BFOR ( 7% ), MGC ( 15%), OEF (10%)

Watch list:  RPG ( Russell 1000 – Growth ) ,  PRF  ( RAFI 1000- Fundamentals Driven)


Happy Holidays

Richard Maurice Gore