Close – December 31, 2013

VTI is the ETF managed by Vanguard covering the entire USA Equity Market ( a basket of 3,500 stocks ).  It is my largest position going into 2014 with no month end sell signals generated during 2013.

After January 20, I will hold VTI into month end, no matter what.  Before that, starting tomorrow morning , a sell signal would be generated if VTI violates my mental trailing stop which is set at 5% off  VTIs 52 week closing high.

As of the close December 31, at $ 95.98, VTI was. 11.37% above its 200 day simple moving average ( $86.18 ) and safe

The trailing mental sell trigger, good till January 20, is currently $91.20 (  $96 -52 week high – x .95 )

In addition to its pre- eminent place in my ETF portfolio.  VTI is the ” canary ” whose health determines the hold or sell status of all my remaining ETF positions.

” All the boats go out with the tide ” and that includes SPY, QQQ, BFOR, MGC, OEF,PRF, RPG and VB.

Wishing  You a Happy and Prosperous New Year,

Richard Maurice Gore


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