Why I Can’t Support Donald Trump

February 11, 2017

I’ve posted quite a few Trump related comments on Facebook, and the response from Trump supporters has been to accuse me of nonobjectivity, hating Trump, of being a leftist, of being unable to face Hillary’s loss etc. Now, they are saying I should support the President no matter what.

After a while, Facebook comments are difficult to resurrect. In the spirit of ” I told you so “, I believe the time has come for me to go on the record and accept the advice of my old mentor….verba volant, scriptet manent ( sic )….words fly away, written words remain where they land.

I’ve never been against any office holder as much as I have been against President Trump. And, I’ve wondered why. Underlying everything, is his history of arrogance, of belittling people, of self- promotion beyond bragging, of his gargantuan need for acclaim and attentionfame. OK..so I don’t like him personally.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t support him to accomplish goals for America. I would just draw a line in the sand when it comes to allowing him to delegitimize other branches of our government as a means to a position beyond Presiden t …as Emperor Trump.

Here is my Facebook Post of February 10, 2017 defending my objectivity.

Donald Trump has been caught in so many lies which offer compelling evidence of a delusional personality, I find it quite difficult to understand how anyone can believe any Trump utterance.

I do not hate Trump. I subscribe to many of his ideas which I find preferable to those of the Democrats.

Neither am I a leftist. I would describe myself as a grass roots capitalist. I haven’t been paid for an hour of work in more than 10 years and I didn’t work more than 20 hours per week in the 30 years prior to that. In other words, mostly my money works for me and I fit the classic description of a capitalist.

That I have had formal training as an overseas lending officer for a large international bank, allows me, I hope, to consider Trump in an objective and dispassionate way. In my judgment,(opinion), President Trump is missing the third ” C ” of Capital, Capacity, and Character, and that means I would not want him as a business partner or consider lending him money without a strong third party guarantee.

As for me being accused of being a socialist-leftist, I would submit as evidence to the contrary, a two-year 24/7 struggle with the Teamsters where I needed to walk a fine line between my ” Commissar ” at the National Labor Relations Board and invitations to meet informally at a bar on Westchester Avenue in the east Bronx, for proposals which I could consider in the context of ” a short life “. Long story short, we won, and the Union filed to decertify its representation of its bargaining unit. We paid the strikers a fair separation benefit and hired the permanent replacements.

However, I will admit my grass roots capitalist self-description should be modified to the extent that it includes ” leave no deserving man behind as in 100% tuition refund plan for all full-time employees at my company

I know Donald Trump. I’ve seen him before, mostly on film and in history books. His character attributes
are irrepressible, inimitable and bigger than life. But trust me, he is not George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Harry Truman, or Ronald Reagan.

All that being said, I would have voted for him if I didn’t consider him delusional to an unhealthy
degree with a propensity for reactive impulsiveness. To me that spells danger.

All too bad for the struggle we may need to go through,

Richard Maurice Gore

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