Told ( Telling ) you so !

August 17, 2013

Direct quote from my Post of January 1, 2012….

“Egypt and Libya  are all smiles on Facebook at the moment.  Just wait !  All that can change in a hurry.  The Moslem Brotherhood is working hard behind the scenes toward what they see as inevitable.  And, when that happens, Egyptian and Libyan smiles will be at a premium “

For those who don’t get it and seriously listen to our political representatives talk about a democratic solution, remember this !  Hitler was elected democratically.  You may democratically elect a horror show, but that doesn’t make it a democracy, it makes  it a horror show !

There are 1.6 billion Moslems in the world as of 2013.

Think we can rely on the ” good ” Moslems to control the extremists ?   How far did it get us thinking the ” good ” Germans could control Hitler.  There is a very thin line between democratic elections and the unintended consequences that can follow.

So, I am just a bit afraid something huge is on the distant horizon…something like a cocktail of drones and biologic super weapons that in the right ” wrong ” hands can wipe out civilization as we know it for the greater glory of a fanatical idea for which people are  prepared to die.

This being said, I believe these times call for drastic actions including some that may stress the boundaries of democratic thought  and individual rights.  The trick will be to somehow get through it without forgetting who we are and totally sinking  to the level of  what we are fighting against.  When it comes to this, I’m moving away from my liberal bias and heading toward somewhere right of center.

I believe its time we stop talking about how to achieve a democratic Middle East.  It isn’t going to happen.  This is not about politics.  Its about religion,  and for  extreme action and reaction , religion  trumps politics every time.

The big challenge for the secular status quo will be how to separate, isolate and eliminate those Moslems who want a  War of the Worlds jihad against the western devils.


Richard Maurice Gore


PS – If you are wondering why I am making the above comments given that this is a Financial blog intended for investment neophytes….my answer is I have more time to think about the big picture now that that my investment research / learning process is not as  demanding as before.   So, with your permission, I’ll move forward commenting on any macro topic about which I have strong ideas that I need to express.  If you think I can benefit from your comments, please don’t hesitate to comment.  I am still especially  interested in the Middle East after working on the Mid East – Africa Desk for Citibank 1960 / 1962 and very nearly being assigned to Jeddah,  for a tour,  instead of Johannesburg !



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