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April 23, 2016


From Richard Maurice Gore


Sammy Waters, August 21, 2015, Delray Beach, Florida,…meet your Great Grandfather……

Cooper Morgan, February 29, 2016, Victoria BC, Meet your Great, Great Grandfather


MAURICE GORE, August 4, 1908, New York City- October 14, 1966….yes, almost 50 years since he passed.


First child born to newly arrived Russian Jewish immigrants, a melting pot American original, his playground was among the tenements and push carts of New York’s lower East Side.- Delancey,  Hester, Rivington,  Canal, Lafayette and Grand Streets.

Though he strongly preferred to speak only “American “, as a small boy he was pressed into service as a street guide, helping newly arrived relatives and family friends acclimate. But, he was happiest playing Stick Ball , Punch Ball, Stoop Ball and other games developed in the neighborhood such as Ringalevio ( sic ), a people hunting / collecting game played on the run with his melting pot friends.

His formal education was not extensive, but he could do math in his head while carrying on a conversation and his Relationship / Sales  IQ was off the charts.

He was Head Payroll Teller at The Merchants Bank, 434 Broadway, NYC  and he,  personally,  knew just about every owner of every factory in the Canal Street area..His favorite discussion expression was ” get what I am trying to bring out ?”.

He married his Ruth….an Irish Catholic girl from the Bronx ( Throggs Neck ) he met on subway on their way to work. They had a long and happy marriage in which it was difficult for me and my sister Beth to tell who was Jewish and who was Catholic.

He was a grass roots capitalist and founder of Majestic Bolting Cloth Corp., 450 Broadway, New York City…which eventually evolved into a fifty million dollar sales and manufacturing Division of the SAATI Group, of Como, Italy.

I have a great many stories to tell you both about him and his Ruthie and I intend to hang around long enough to pass them on to you !

Richard Maurice Gore

To Sammy, tomorrow is your name day and I congratulate your parents Chris and Dana on selecting MAURICE, a name you can carry wiith pride

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