The Iranian Drone Threat

November 20,2013


I realize this isn’t financial ….but

Ever since 911 I have been extremely sensitive to the possibility of our aerospace  technology being hijacked and used against us.

Both Iran and Pakistan have governments which are capable of being subverted and brought further under the control of  “War of the Worlds” Jihadi fundamentalists.

That should eliminate Iran from having a ” full carry ” nuclear permit the way an unstable person should be excluded from owning assault weapons.  Pakistan’s nuclear capability  is a fait accompli , and,  I understand that capability  was financed by Iran.  Iran is known as the world’s banker for terrorist organizations.

So, all the current talk about sanctions having forced Iran into an accommodative mode I consider dangerously self deceptive.

Now, the latest wrinkle…..  Iran has developed an attack drone  which has a 1,250 mile range, the capability to remain aloft for up to 30 hours ,and carry air to surface missiles.

So, instead of being forced to develop a long range rocket capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, all that is required is a kit to allow the drone  to be assembled in the USA and something like  a bag of anthrax…….nice!

Our main risk is that we will talk and talk about nuclear potential while they are devilishly working , under the radar,  to present us with another  fait accompli involving drone capability and chemicals.  Pearl Harbor, 911 and the Libyian embassy incident have  reinforced my belief that , as a nation,  we are not as great at  preventing as we are  at responding……..once the cat is out of the bag.  I don’t think we should take that type of risk with Iran.  The price of being late is too high.  The price of trusting characters such as  an Ahmadinejad is too high.

” Everyone return to your seats. We are returning to the airport ” !  I just  can’t seem to  get this trick out of my mind !

I would be more inclined to follow and fully support Israeli  policy on this one.  They seem to be able to perceive danger and act on it  lot quicker than our experts..   Israel is  well within the announced present range capability of the Iranian drone, so the Israelis  have already been presented with a situation where the potential risk to their families and homeland  is high.  Let us see how good our present administration is at convincing Israel  talk and more talk with Iran  is the most prudent  policy. Plus,  I would continue to keep full sanctions in place until Iran PROVES to us that it has a stable, secular  government that can be trusted to withstand Jihadi Fundamentalism.


Richard Maurice Gore


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