Surfing with SPY

July 28,2012

In my post of June 28, 2012 ( see Archives ) I announced that I  found my way out of Wall Street’s jungle of specific risk and  made it all the way back to the two lane highway.  I declared my belief that I was going to be OK,  and changed that to a conviction I would be a  lot more than OK ! 

Why ?,  because I realized then that the two lane highway I stumbled across  would  terminate at an ocean beach.

At worst, I can see myself  subsisting  on coconuts  falling  from the fixed income trees ( BOND, LQD, VCIT etc ) which line the beach.

And,  for fun,  and profit,  I have my trusty surfboard ” SPY ” !

If the jungle is dangerous, the ocean can be treacherous.  The wind is always blowing this way and that way ( fast program trading ) and ocean waves can be huge ( slow program trading ). If you pick  the wrong wave to ride, you can do considerably more damage  than skin your knee.

The trick is to stay on the beach until surfs up ( risk on ) then, ( with the aid of the correct timing mechanics) choose  the right wave ( mid term trend )and ride it all the way onto the sandy shore….. What a life…$.. !

But, keep your portable radio tuned to weather reports, ( especially during the hurricaine season ).  And,  define an exit strategy.

Today, July 28th, looks like it will end as a $19,000 plus day ( on $1 million invested ) and we are approaching month end ahead $29.000 plus  ( since  ” Risk On ” – June 11, 2012 ).

So, I am paddling back out for another ride in  because no money center sharks have been sighted  and the weather ( from” Euro “land  ) looks like it will hold for a bit.

At least, the above is the way I like to  picture the process early in the morning,  before I finally arise to face a new day ………….at the beach !!

Richard Maurice Gore ( aka ) Rich, Dick, RMG, Richie from Throggs Neck, and Smiley from Woodlawn.






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