Still Chugging Along

April 14,2014

The VTI trade is now 572 days old and showing a profit of 53.7%.  Not that this specific trade is doing me any  good because I’m not in it.

To me its a signal that its still  ok to trade in this very changeable, volatile  market.  Up 2% ( $20,000 on a million ) one day and down 2% the next and so on.

I’m beginning to think that our new Fed Chairman, a heralded White Swan could, at some point,  be perceived as  a dreaded Black Swan by Wall Street.

This market is showing me that if you have a queasy  stomach, high momentum stocks are the last place to be.  Give me the far more gentle ride on a SPY, or  VTI.

I do own some stocks because I fancy myself to be something more than an ordinary investor.  Pure hubris on my part.  But, trust me,  I’ve learned my lesson and eagerly await a profitable , safe and final exit from Tesla and Facebook on the shore.

My core ETF  holdings…RPG, QQEW, XLV, ITA, XLF, QQEW, VB, VDE and IBB

My core Equity holdings…FB, TSLA, ITT, GE, CNQ, DFS.

Presently, my consolidated Portfolio is underwater 4.7%.

I intend to hold my positions until VTI tells me otherwise.

Richard Maurice Gore




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