February 1, 2017

SPY ended January 2017 at $227.24 while SPYs 200 day moving closing price average is $215.76.

This means SPY remains on a BUY signal.

It also means on the 4905 shares you held on December 31, 2016 you now have an unrealized profit of $18.198 plus dividends.

For me, it means I am free to invest more in SPY or any other ETF or stock.

For you, it means you have the same freedom, providing you do the underlying work that gives you confidence to invest in a specific ETF or Equity situation.

Looking over my shoulder, my largest ETF position is in IWM , the Russell 2000, smaller cap stocks because it is held that small caps should do better in a de-regulated enviornment and because most of these stocks do business primarily in the USA and do not have the currency translation problems of internationaly active USA stocks

Looking over my shoulder, my largest equity position is in AMZN which seems to be in the process of crushing brick and mortar retailers. I have written put contracts which obligate me to purchase 100 shares at $760 if AMZN is below that price on February 24 and 100 shares at $800 if AMZN is below $800 on February 24. AMZN closed yesterday at $822.52.

Interest rates favor Equities and the only possible cloud on the horizon would be the uncertainty relating to the market’s assessment of the Trump Presidency.

Richard Maurice Gore

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