Searching for a Contender

July 24,, 2017


It should be clear to everyone,  except President Trump’s base, that he will not be an eight year President.

I’m assuming that he will not be impeached and/ or  resign.

I’m assuming by 2020 sufficient independents and base will have cut ties with President Trump to open pathways for new candidates, left,  right and center. Which brings me to our topic and my thought we could have done a much better job selecting the candidates in 2016 if we each had had a check list of attributes against which we could have matched  a potential candidate.

Here is my checklist of  attributes and qualifications to help select a man for the most important job in the world, President of the United States of America.

#1   The ability to lead and to effortlessly project an aura of inner strength and quiet confidence.

#2  An unblemished record of integrity, and the ability to project and articulate an uplifting and inspiring p0litical philosophy.

#3  Likeability and the ability to smile and poke fun at himself/ herself.

#4  The ability to focus on important issues and have sufficient energy to work hard on the peoples business.

I believe that our next President needs to focus on general issues of REFORM and not be tied to any issue where the driver is race or religion.  He needs to restore the secular greatness of the American Dream which guarantees every man a shot at the brass ring, if he deserves it,  by virtue of a long string of accomplishments and self-improvements. For the time being, social justice issues would be put on the back burner.  Everyone’s lives matter.   Economic justice, in terms of expanding the middle class,  would be the number one priority, recognizing it to be a springboard for social gains.

#5 Our next President will need to persuade Congress to act against itself in terms of perks, privileges and by putting the middle American agenda ahead of lobbyist issues which fortify and expand the wealth and power of the ultra rich….and Congress.

#6  He should be focused on issues rather than Party. and be willing to work with both sides of the aisle simultaneously.

#7  His personality should be such that no party or group can be so petty as to claim him as theirs.  He should project his intent to be loyal  and answer exclusively to his articulated dream for America.

#8  He should  be able to name his American heroes and embrace them publicly as his personal role models.

#9 He should be a student of history and be able to invoke historical precedents in any discussion of choices of national direction

Now, whom do I have in mind?  No one, except to say a young  Bernie Sanders,  sanitized of  labels like socialist and exhortations for revolution.  Bernie is a REFORMER who tells it  it like it is ….like a  John the Baptist.  Our selection needs to be his worthy successor, imbued with  Bernie’s ideals and the ability to articulate the need for economic justice.

Why don’t you run this list against any of our last election, pre nomination contenders and see who would be the best fit.


Richard Maurice Gore





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