Necessary Substitutions

February 17, 2014

I’m glad I had this extended weekend to prepare for Tuesday’s market.

I am investing an equal amount of money in each of the equities mentioned in my post of February 14…except that I now discover that I won’t be able to purchase Biogen at $328 per share,  Priceline at $1279 per share,  and Netflix at $435 per share.  The amount of money I am investing would allow only a few shares of each of these names.

What to do ?  My answer is to substitute Disney ( also a Zacks # 2 rank)  for  Netflix,     XBI, a biotech ETF ( also a Zacks #1 rank ) for Biogen, and  Sands China, SCHYY  ( a Zack #1 rank ) for Priceline ( a Zacks #2 rank) .  This means three of the 20 equities selected do not reside in QQEW.  I’m not worried !

To close….my intent is to purchase equal dollar amounts of all 20 stocks tomorrow ( if possible ) and call this Portfolio my ” QQEW / Zacks 20  Portfolio.”

Richard Maurice Gore


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