I may not be a George Soros, but I’ll take a bow anyway !

September 30, 2014

For me, there isn’t  much that’s more intellectually satisfying than correctly predicting the direction of  the Euro, Gold, the Dollar, and Oil and where the stock market SHOULD  be heading.

As  I get ready to take my bow,  please access, the Archives,  my Post of July 4,2014,  almost three months ago, ” Second thoughts on Gold ” wherein I indicated  the reasons why the Dollar would strengthen against the Euro, the Yen, Gold and Oil, ultimately  to the  benefit of Equities.  As predicted,  the Dollar has significantly strengthened ! ,. … but not terribly much to the benefit of Equities……Yet! )

In my opinion, as we enter October, the case for US Equities is still compelling,.. the Swans of  Hong Kong, ISIS, and KGB Putin notwithstanding.

Bottom line, I’m convinced there is no safer place to put money than in the USA Equities Market…. .

As we close September,  my  VTI market canary is still chirping away, 3.52%%  above its 200 day moving average,  giving me the courage to invest 1/12 of my remaining liquid assets in SPY over the next few days.

Richard Maurice Gore

PS I’ll also take a small bow for having stayed the course and publishing this Post… # 100

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