Handicapping the Donald / Hillary Matchup

May 8, 2016

 Donald versus Hillary.

Here is how I handicap it.

Donald…….Unscripted, childish, emotional….but transparent.  Hillary is scripted with fake and exaggerated displays of emotions. You don’t even get to see her Goldman speech… brazen or what ?….. + 1 For Donald

Donald   is without restraint and will not hesitate to aim for your crotch and then rationalize it.  Just ” Win Baby Win ” versus  deserving to win. Doesn’t measure up to the standard   ” Win One  for The Gipper “,..or  ” Shane”, or…….  the ” You start it, We’ll  finish it ” image of a Reagan or a Kennedy with which most Americans identify.  Hillary is sufficiently self righteous and  delusional enough to risk allowing  100 potential killers  cross the boarder rather than unfairly block the entry of  just one innocent man.  + 1 Hillary

Donald.…Inclined to be mean spirited and vengeful, cunning  and self  advised enough to  present an inviting target for a three dimensional chess player who knows how to face down or otherwise manipulate bullies.   Hillary is a schooled, disciplined politician and believes in measured diplomacy with access to  no nonsense advice from experienced staff.  Don’t worry…she is a match for Putin.  + 2 Hillary 

Donald’s…. support base is from white, under educated, working class men who didn’t double down on education while the unions were protecting them. Now they are angry and instead of looking in the mirror they are fingering everyone in sight as betraying America. World economics has left them behind in the same way Fordham Prep left me behind ( on the dunce platform ) when I didn’t keep up with my Latin vocabulary.

They don’t see that $50 per hour will create more  Detroits and a mass exodus of manufacturing unless you can out produce and out R&D overseas competition..  They don’t see that in true ( non-perverted capitalism ) borders don’t count when you are competing world wide, the way the French didn’t see they were fighting the blitzkrieg in the  last war hid behind their Maginot line, and were outflanked.. They don’t understand that you can artificially sustain the protection of tariffs for only so long before mutual self destruction creates a world wide depression. They don’t understand that profit and the shareholder are the foundation of the  non-socialized system they say they want…but then they  want  protective tariffs  from the big government they say they hate. Unfortunately, for them , capitalism is based on money seeking its highest risk adjusted return and the shareholder having a first alligience to his investment not any flag, even ours.  Any gross manipulation of this is a perversion that will cause disruptive problems. Hillary is for trade deals which manage the situation while we adjust to the new reality.  I feel a lot safer with Hillary and so does Wall Street. + 3 Hillary

Hillary takes money from Wall Street and re-distributes it  to buy the vote of  minorities ( maybe keeping a little for herself ? )  the way the Saudis contribute to world-wide Jihad just  to keep the Jihadis away from Riyadh.   ” Reparations ” ? That is a non-starter with American voters and she better steer clear of that!  This  Black Lives Matter crowd better double down on raising their children to be responsible citizens if they want the rest of America  to give a hoot about Black Lives Matter. Donald  can’t be bought ( except with flattery ) +2 Donald 

So whom do I vote for ?

The instrument of white anger, Donald Trump. is counting on his supporters not realizing that he can’t deliver a lot of what he promises….unless he dismisses Congress and issues edicts in the manner of a Charles II, Napoleon or Hitler. Or,  do I vote for Hillary where you need to accept her aquisitive inclinations……  but get to BUY One and Get One Free…..Bill..aka ” Slick Willy ” in  a tag team match against Putin. +4 Hillary

Since I have money in the stock market and don’t want to risk my money speculating on the performance of an unpredictable entity, I will go for On Base Percentage Hillary rather than the possibility  of a homer ( or strikeout  from Trump.)…...+5 Hillary

at this point Hillary 5 Trump 2.

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