Fear + Uncertainty = Tweak

May is in our rear view mirror and we have entered the May / November danger zone.

Like clockwork the market started taking
back previousl gains in mid-May and here we are in mid-June with everyone questioning the Fed easy money policy because it hasn’t led to
more jobs and a housing rebound. In fact, with
the consumer accounting for 70% of GDP and oil prices taxing his ability to spend, just about
everybody seems to be thinking down, not up.

Since the market is so driven by emotion, its time to for a portfolio adjustment that will put our capital closer to shore and more driven by interest and dividends.

The following positions have been altered by the change: JNK, VTI, CSJ, RJA, ALD and BSV.

We have accepted $6,500 as a realized loss against the Go Away portfolio and this loss
adjusted for dividends will be charged against the final portfolio result at the time we liquidate the portfolio.

June 13-2011