Don’t Fight the Tape

With the market indicating which way it intends to go, I am
reducing the amount of sail and moving even closer to shore.

Today I cut the oil exploration allocation in half ( XOP ) and sold the
entire position in Dogs of the Dow ( DOD ). The proceeds of these sales were used to purchase equal parts of CSJ – BSV – VCSH.

If had kept Nov 4 portfolio, I would have given $100,000 back to the market. As of now, our realized losses in the Go Away Portfolio are
approximately $13,000 and will be included in the final result of the Go Away Portfolio at termination.

Get ready for a snap back rally on any kind of good news. But to me
this market has already shown its true color ( red ) indicating buyer beware.

June 17,2011

Richard, Rich, Richie, Dick, RMG and Smiley