April 19, 2015

I have been advised to incorporate a ” disclaimer”  in my Posts to protect myself against capricious lawsuits based on people saying they lost money relying on my advice..

I reviewed the ” boiler plate ” it has been suggested I use and I have decided that I can use plain English sufficiently well to thoroughly denigrate my reputation for reasonable financial thought and analysis.  By the same token, it has been suggested I can protect myself best by suggesting you place yourself in the hands of a registered financial adviser.   I’m not about to do that because the whole point of this blog is to encourage you to learn to be your own adviser.

I do not offer or sell advice, accept deposits or make any offer to ” run ” your money or advise you.  What I do, at your own risk, is allow you to peek over my shoulder and see how I go about attempting to earn a living using my own liquid financial assets.  These posts are primarily for me to follow how my thoughts are evolving into strategies that win for me. I still have a lot to learn.

To save time and ink, at the end of every Post I will refer you to the Archive containing the above

Richard Maurice Gore

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