Click, Click – Another Tweak

On May 13,2011 we took all the profits ( $116,000 ) from our May 2010 to May 2011 Portfolio and reset the profit clock to zero.

On May 28 we initiated new positions in a defensive Its May – Go Away portfolio.

If we had not sold the May 2010 / May 2011 portfolio, as of today we would have given back every penny of the $ 116,000 profit we made. So much for buy and hold !

Our May 2011 ” Go Away ” portfolio has given back just $16,023- on a $1 million investment via Tweaks with earnings of $4,394 in dividends thru July 31,2010.

And, as of this morning we are implementing more defensive moves halving four existing positions and adding four new positions. Why ?

We want to protect the viability of the dividend / interest stream of approximately 2.71% per annum, enhance it and benefit via
capital gains from the anticipated investor migration from equities to fixed income vehicles in the face of a still more ominous market outlook.

a ) Consumer spending ( 60% of our economy ) is trending down.
b ) The job and housing rut is continuing to harden.
c ) News from Europe ? Italy, the world’s 3rd largest bond issuer
is approaching the credit red zone.

You would need to be half Sherpa, half Spiderman to climb this wall of worry.

If you want to know how I am investing my liquid net worth under these conditions…just contact me. ( hint: not money market funds )

Bye for now Richard, aka Richie, Rich, Dick and …Smiley from Woodlawn.

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