Bernie versus Donald….What versus How.

August 31, 2015

You know from my Post of May 18, 2015,  “An Endorsement for Bernie “I am ready to stand beside Bernie Sanders and declare myself a Democratic Socialist, even though Social Capitalist ( leave no one behind ) is probably a closer description of my leanings.   Today, the label Socialist doesn’t mean nationalizing everything from newspapers to industry.  It means recognizing we still have some roads we need to travel  before everyone feels the playing field is level and everyone has a fair shot at ” The American Dream “.

The problem is that the middle income class ( not to mention the disadvantaged class  ) feels that the playing field is even far less level than before and Congressmen are so totally immersed in becoming millionaires and protecting their seats that Congress  it is incapable of acting to head off a class confrontation down the road.

Enter from stage right and left;  Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

We all know Trump considers himself “influence”  proof when it comes to billionaire or lobbyist money.  And, we know that Bernie Sanders exudes an air of  totally incorruptibility.  They both seem to be firebrands , anxious to right the systemic ills of our society.

A word about Donald.  He has always impressed me with his energy and his “can do ” attitude.  Yes, he’s beyond conceited and has a fresh mouth. Childish ….yes, Petulant….yes, Feisty….yes, but  I don’t believe he has a mean bone in his body.  That’s why we can laugh at his remarks.  Maybe he doesn’t seem ” Presidential “.  But, I don’t care about his aura if he can get the right things done in a timely fashion.  The country is tired of grid lock!  And, believe me, the situation in Washington is closer to offering the next President a ” Gordian Knot ” to  untie rather than a simple case of gridlock to untangle..

A word about Bernie…The big concern is that he will be unable to change what he wants to change.  The President has less power than one would think.  A lot of his proposed changes would really need to start at a local grassroots level.  Does he have the energy to create waves that will float Congress off its present foundation ?

In my opinion, immigration is not the most important issue facing us.  Build a wall and then start work on reform of existing laws… without delay.

The big issue is how to get Congress to act against itself by un-tieing itself from the purse strings of the ultra wealthy 1%.   I’m talking excessive wealth.  So excessive, that Congressmen and their staffs  are becoming increasingly corrupted by billionaire backed lobbyists and by  financial help being  offered directly …with conditions..   The ultra wealthy are using their wealth to double down on Congress to gain an even bigger edge.

It seems the right wing  billionaire class are not concerned that..

1- 400 families control more wealth than the 150 million American taxpayers who account for the entire bottom half of our national income structure.

2- That in 1965 CEO pay was roughly 21 times that of the average hourly worker.  Today, that multiple has expanded to 231 times.

3- In 1980, getting an education was 500 times less expensive than it is today.

This group fails to see the implications of a 1% society,  pretending the fault lies with those who are jealous of their success.

I suppose its human nature for this Group to suppose they are safe and can ignore history.  This is the 21st century…nothing can happen !

Billionaire financial influence  must be challenged by the introduction of Bills that will force congressmen  to vote against their narrow self interests under the close scrutiny of an aware electorate.

Either Donald or Bernie may very well be the one who will need to confront the lobbyist ooze that is attempting to  seep under every congressional door  and from there  into every nook and cranny in Washington and beyond.

The question is HOW ( specifics ) does Sanders or Trump see himself being able to  free Congress from the tentacles that bind it to the ultra rich. Whoever  has  the best ideas on HOW to do this is the one I would vote for.

Richard Maurice Gore


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