Another Helping of VXX….Please

September 23, – pre market

Those of you who are copying my actions know that I sold my 219 share HYS position on Sep 20 ( loss $815 ) to buy 942 VXX ( including cash adjustment for the sudden change in AOL portfolio construction methods ) And, now I take a loss of $2,293 to sell 843 ALD and raise capital for a further 830 shares of VXX.

Thus since May 28 on a $1,000,000 portfolio I have realized losses of $15,364 offset by un-realized gains of $6,450 and income of pproximately $10,000.

As repeatedly stated previously, our mission was to sail our capital safely through waters notorious for September and October financial
storms protecting our interest and dividend ” catch “.

As of today, we are still in deep water, but much closer to the coastline, and much closer to our home harbor with no financial damage to report and with a portfolio I would characterize as ” seaworthy “.

Going forward, we will keep one eye on this market. but begin to consider the portfolio choices for a November – May Portfolio and proper entry points.

Richard Maurice Gore

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