Alert – Buying SPY#1

June 8, 2012

As of Friday’s close, SPY  is above its 150 day moving average.

That means on Monday, June 11, 2012 I will invest 1/3 of a theoretical $1,000,000 to purchase approximately 2500 shares of SPY which closed Friday at $133.10

I’m naming this SPY Portfolio #1  calling for a decision to hold or sell every 30 days, on the 10th

I will face decisions for SPY #2 and SPY # 3 on the 20th of June and at month end, to buy or do nothing, as determined by whether the price of SPY is above or below its 150 day moving average.

Let the games begin…

Richard M Gore ( aka )  Rich, Richie from Throggs Neck, Dick, RMG, and Smiley from Woodlawn

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