About Iran,

August 13, 2015

Nobody asked me , and since  very few will probably  read this, I thought I’d chime in on the proposed Agreement with Iran, if only to clarify my own thinking..

To me, the whole idea of signing a political  agreement with Iran is a non starter.  Why?….Because Iran is a religious state , not a secular state.

How can the USA believe it can arrive at a ” workable ” political solution with a country run by religious zealots who have never come close to repudiating their assertion that we are the Great Satan.  A country which  refuses to release the few USA hostages it is holding…. as a sign of good faith. That is a “tell” on the eagerness of our government to reach an agreement. … Ridiculous!

We are fooling ourselves if we think in terms of politics. Instead, let’s think in terms of religion. Do you believe  there is any possibility for a religious settlement with a fundamentalist Muslim regime ???

Starting with Abraham, more deaths and killings in history go back to governments run  by  God’s will,  and that trail ends at Iran’s doorstep.

If,  we are the Great Satan, exactly what is binding them to the terms of any agreement made with the devil ???

If an oath made under duress ( sanctions ), is no oath at all, ( Richard II , Peasants Revolt of 1381),  and if,  under their religion, any undertaking is non binding without first invoking the blessings of Allah,  how   can we possibly believe  they will consider themselves  bound by the terms of this  agreement. My  perception is that  their ongoing  purpose will be to deceive and not comply… by any means possible.

Them fooling us is far too big a risk for us to take for whatever short term emotional relief it gives our leaders.  The Israelis understand precisely what’s at stake,  and as close to Iran as they are geographically,  they see less risk to themselves if nothing is done.

And…everything else aside … I don’t have too much faith in our  performance oversight many  thousands of miles away, if we can’t even  keep people off the White House lawn!

No, it seems to me that our government officials will once again misread the situation,  just as they failed to see China and Viet Nam were enemies for two thousand years and that when the chips were down, the Vietnamese felt far more strongly about being Vietnamese than being Communist .. Who among our so called  ” Best and the Brightest ” understood that and took that tack. And, lots of costly perceptions since then including, but not limited to invading Iraq.

Looking back it seems we learn ONLY from our mistakes.  I don’t credit anyone in our present government with a precise understanding of the outcomes. And with the ” flash crash ” penalties of the digital revolution shrinking the world while multiplying the potential for sudden gigantic  loss, I’d rather slow it all down and do nothing…at Iran’s sanction expense.

I truly believe that if we sign this Agreement, Iran’s Ayatollahs will alter their opinion of us.  In their eyes, we shall have evolved from the Great Satan to the Great Stupid Satin.

We need proposals that make us strongly believe we are  safe and we need the hostages thrown in as a sign of good faith and a statement from the head Ayatollah repudiating their assertion we are the Great Satin.  Without that …let’s wait for the sanctions to unseat their religious government and replace it with a secular regime.


Am I missing something ?


Richard Maurice Gore





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  1. beth Says:

    I wish I had written that. You should send that over to Tromp or some other republican
    to help them explain why they are against this agreement.

    It is so well written and concise and again I wish I wrote it so I could send it on.

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