About Cecil…..

Can’t focus on the market when an outrage like this happens.

Too much talk about legality and not enough talk about morality.  Too much talk about conservation practices and not enough talk about reverence for life. What a beauty he was !

And don’t give me  that crap about misplaced sensitivity to animals while people are suffering.  So, why can’t we worry about both people and animals ?

When I hear Walter Palmer’s explanation about  the” alleged”  illegality of his transgression, as if it were some misunderstanding,  I don’t hear any sympathy whatsoever  for Cecil.  Palmer doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about.  He just doesn’t get it . I want him to get it !

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Palmer  had ” experiences”  with little animals when he was a young boy. And, for him,  trophy hunting is a legally safe alternate outlet for other dark impulses within him.  That he needed to shoot Cecil with an arrow so that the kill experience could be prolonged by 40 hours says a great deal more.

Serial killers like BTK need souvenirs to re-live the experience.  So too do trophy hunters.

If I were allowed  to pronounce sentence on Palmer ,  the souvenir I would deliver would be to brand his forehead with a  ” C ” so that for the rest of his life he would be forced to explain and re-explain why he  lured Cecil from the protection of a preserve to a makeshift ” hunting farm ” .


Richard Maurice Gore

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