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Monday, July 31st, 2017

July 31, 2017

On December 31, 2016, you were holding 4,905 shares of SPY @ $223.53 = $1,096,415

On July 31, 2017, your 4905 shares of SPY  @ $246.77, are worth $1,210,415.

Your paper profit for the first seven months of 2017 = $113,991 ( $16,285 per month since January 1 )

The 200 day simple moving average of SPY  is below SPY’s current price of $246.77, so SPY continues on its BUY signal until August 31.

See also June 30 commentary  ( Archives on Right ) for a complete understanding of how I follow the SPY model.

Richard Maurice Gore

Rx for widening wealth gap and disappearing middle class

Saturday, July 29th, 2017


I’ve thought of a few solutions which can be rolled into a REFORM package which the swamp creatures have no intention to pass.

Let us start off by identifying the swamp creatures.   Not all live in Washington DC.  Many live in New York.

The swamp creatures are….

#1 Corporate CEO’s who have surrounded themselves with compliant Boards which enable them to hijack corporations from shareholders.  The multiple of CEO pay to hourly worker pay has increased from a multiple of 24 x  in 1964 to a multiple of 262 x today.

#2 Board Members who do the bidding of CEOs focused on short term profit rather than long term growth and reward CEO’s with huge bonus and separation plans irrespective of results they achieve

#3 Wall Street and money center Banks whose managements bear no risk because they are too big to fail, yet who invest the bank’s assets in proprietary risk instruments knowing that outsize risk begets outsize reward. They get the reward via a huge bonus, while shareholders get the risk.

#4 Lobbyists who have corrupted the staffs of congressmen to the point where the lobbyist actually writes the legislation it wants to be passed. Money provided by ultra rich and special interests.

#5  Congressional staffs with their hands out for lobbyist freebies and promises of future employment etc..

#6 Congressmen who consider their seat a career and use it to feather their own nests.  There are 268 members of Congress ( more than half of the 534 ) who have a net worth exceeding $1 million.  Their interests conflict with those of the middle class.

#7 The ultra rich.  There are 540 billionaires in the USA with a combined net worth of  $2.4 trillion. They can’t find new ways to spend money so they invest it in ways that ensure Congress will help enrich them further and protect them from the middle and working classes.

#8 The professional class of attorneys and accountants that make certain the irrespective of the tax rates, their clients will pay the absolute minimum, and hopefully no taxes.


1- Focus on developing robots to compete with the low wage scales in developing countries.

2- US Companies are holding  $2.5 trillion in offshore profits which are not being put to productive use. The hope is that the Congress will pass legislation that creates a tax holiday on such earnings. Now you tell me if this happens, will the repatriated profits be used productively,  or will they be used to create huge bonus packages for corporate managements?

3- Creation of apprenticeship re-training programs such as have been created in Germany to recycle displaced workers into higher paying technical jobs in corporations, giving USA  manufacturing sustainable technical advantages against competition from third world – low wage countries.

4- Abandon the notion of trickle down and use fair increases in taxes on ultra rich to fund reductions in the need for student loans and crippling loan interest which forecloses on any possibility for young Americans to accumulate sufficient capital to finance the American dream… home ownership.

5- Remove penalty on IRA funds being used for investment in a home or home improvements.  Wall Street lobbyists not only want you to have all your money invested in Wall Street, but they want to make it easier for you to lose it there.

6- Establish a reasonable ratio between CEO pay and hourly worker pay, after which an escalating surtax is applied.

7- Allow common shareholders a  greater proxy voice in approving CEO team bonus compensation.

8- Strengthen protection for whistle blowers and increase incentive pay for SEC and GAO auditing agents.

9- Eliminate the possibility for congressmen to ” front run “, investing in business developments learned before in closed hearings before being made public

10- Eliminate the use of “earmarks ” attached to legislative bills by congressmen.

11- Term Limits for Representatives ( 3 x 2-year terms )…Senators ( 2 x 6-year terms )


Richard Maurice Gore

Searching for a Contender

Monday, July 24th, 2017

July 24,, 2017


It should be clear to everyone,  except President Trump’s base, that he will not be an eight year President.

I’m assuming that he will not be impeached and/ or  resign.

I’m assuming by 2020 sufficient independents and base will have cut ties with President Trump to open pathways for new candidates, left,  right and center. Which brings me to our topic and my thought we could have done a much better job selecting the candidates in 2016 if we each had had a check list of attributes against which we could have matched  a potential candidate.

Here is my checklist of  attributes and qualifications to help select a man for the most important job in the world, President of the United States of America.

#1   The ability to lead and to effortlessly project an aura of inner strength and quiet confidence.

#2  An unblemished record of integrity, and the ability to project and articulate an uplifting and inspiring p0litical philosophy.

#3  Likeability and the ability to smile and poke fun at himself/ herself.

#4  The ability to focus on important issues and have sufficient energy to work hard on the peoples business.

I believe that our next President needs to focus on general issues of REFORM and not be tied to any issue where the driver is race or religion.  He needs to restore the secular greatness of the American Dream which guarantees every man a shot at the brass ring, if he deserves it,  by virtue of a long string of accomplishments and self-improvements. For the time being, social justice issues would be put on the back burner.  Everyone’s lives matter.   Economic justice, in terms of expanding the middle class,  would be the number one priority, recognizing it to be a springboard for social gains.

#5 Our next President will need to persuade Congress to act against itself in terms of perks, privileges and by putting the middle American agenda ahead of lobbyist issues which fortify and expand the wealth and power of the ultra rich….and Congress.

#6  He should be focused on issues rather than Party. and be willing to work with both sides of the aisle simultaneously.

#7  His personality should be such that no party or group can be so petty as to claim him as theirs.  He should project his intent to be loyal  and answer exclusively to his articulated dream for America.

#8  He should  be able to name his American heroes and embrace them publicly as his personal role models.

#9 He should be a student of history and be able to invoke historical precedents in any discussion of choices of national direction

Now, whom do I have in mind?  No one, except to say a young  Bernie Sanders,  sanitized of  labels like socialist and exhortations for revolution.  Bernie is a REFORMER who tells it  it like it is ….like a  John the Baptist.  Our selection needs to be his worthy successor, imbued with  Bernie’s ideals and the ability to articulate the need for economic justice.

Why don’t you run this list against any of our last election, pre nomination contenders and see who would be the best fit.


Richard Maurice Gore