2014 Sum Up – 2015 Changes

Sunday, December 28, 2014

If you made only one trade during the past twelve months – – bought SPY,   December 31, 2013, and held until now, you would be ahead 13.4% for 2014.

You would have received 5.82 times  the return of a 10 year Treasury Note ( @ 2.3% ),  and with $500,000  invested your investment would have earned $67,000,  which is 1.25 times the annual median income for USA households ( $53,891 ).  Capitalism at work.

But, there is no guarantee Buy and Hold will work during 2015.  The writer’s 200 day / month end trading strategy had no opportunity to be used during 2014.

Looking forward, all I can say is that the general environment for USA stocks focused on doing business in the USA…couldn’t be better !

I intend to respect the  “Play till May”  proverb unless I see a continuance of the conditions  I see now.  I have already switched my record keeping to a November 1 / October 31 basis with a review April 30.

Also, I intend to invest only half my financial capital in the 200 day / month end SPY timing model…if the opportunity to do  so arises.  Otherwise , I’ll do my best to be long SPY when I believe it makes sense to do so…or be writing SPY – Puts with the hope of earning a premium and obtaining a lower  SPY entry point.

I am really satisfied with the performance of my hand selected portfolio of individual ” smart criteria ” equities which have outperformed SPY from November 3, until today. SPY is up 3.1% while my portfolio is up 5.7%.

Portfolio has varying amounts of BX,  DIS, DFS, CVS, UNH, GLW, SNE, NOC,  LUV, RTN , NOV,  SWHC, DAL, HCA, AAPL,  MU, TWX

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Richard Maurice Gore




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